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How much, on average, will a new kitchen cost me?

While this is a frequently asked question, it is also one of the more difficult questions to answer. The cost is purely decided on the owner’s expectations and budget – this determines our materials and design specifications. We work closely to meet these expectations. Our kitchens range from $8,000 to $35,000. You could typically have a quality kitchen designed and installed for around $15,000. Upgrading to stone benches and higher quality door finishes will increase the cost.

Are you able to match a new kitchen colour scheme to our existing interior design?

Absolutely. The key to having a new kitchen built is to harmonise with your existing home décor. We often work with interior designers to assist with this process.

How long does the process of designing and manufacturing a new kitchen take?

This can vary hugely – it really depends on the extent of the project and the possibilities available. We have completed kitchens in as little as 4 weeks – whereas other, more involved projects can take 2-3 months.

Can we bring in designs that we like?

Certainly. In this day and age, people can easily research designs that resonate with them and their vision; sharing these with us will help us gain a better understanding of desired results. The old adage ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is very true in this case!

We’d like a unique kitchen: can you work with us?

Yes. We have the experience and understanding to work with you to achieve something that is unique to you.

We’re organising a new house build through a company – will you work with them?

Yes, a large percentage of new builds are organised this way. We will consult with you on the design and specification of materials, and will then liaise with your housing company and their subcontractors to complete the installation.

Can we provide our own materials for the kitchen build?

Yes, we’re happy to use materials that have been supplied, as long as they are suitable for the project intended. In the past we have made kitchens from timber that has been milled from family farms, and made benchtops and trims from pieces of existing kitchens or furniture.

Are we able to make alterations throughout the kitchen design process?

Once you are able to see the 3D rendered drawings of the kitchen, if it is not in line with your expectations, we are more than happy to create alternatives to achieve your vision. Your kitchen or joinery units will not be manufactured until you are 100% happy with the design.

What materials do you work with?

We work with a huge range of materials, but only those with a proven track record within our industry. Our range of materials commonly used for benchtops include natural granite, quartz, stainless steel, acrylics, laminated timber, and Formica, while the most popular choice for doors and exterior surfaces include foil wraps, lacquered timber, acrylics and melamine.

Do you also manage kitchen flooring, lighting, plumbing and electrical?

No – we don’t, however we do work with specialists in these fields, and will liaise and help manage you through this process.

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